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Microblading involves a handheld tool called a microblade which tattoos on individual hair strokes with an artistic technique. There is no machine that is used but the microblading artist hand draws each hair to match the colour, shape and bone structure of your eyebrows. The results are a natural looking eyebrow that lasts overnight and does not wipe off! These brows are semi-permanent for 1-2 years, and it is recommended that you receive a touch up every year. Microblading is not recommended of those with thin or oily skin.

Soft Powder

Soft powder brows have no hair stokes and appear as if they have been filled in with makeup without the worry of rubbing them off! They are created using a micropigmentation machine resulting in a longer lasting brow that only requires touch ups every 1.5 – 2 years. The use of a machine also makes soft powder suitable for all skin types.


These brows have the best of both microblading and soft powder by combining the natural look of hair stokes and longer lasting results from the use of a micropigmentation machine. Semi-permanent requiring a touch up every 1.5 – 2 years. The use of a machine also makes combination brows suitable for all skin types.


Permanent eyeliner can include top and bottom liner. An eyeliner will add pigments close to your lash line for added definition to your lashes and the contours of your eye. Shape depends on the look you would like to achieve, from natural, softer or a winger eyeliner for a dramatic look is customized for each client.


Permanent lip makeup enhances your lips. It is not meant to create fullness. The process involves outlining on the border of your lips to help give lips the appearance of fullness with a healing time of approximately 10 days.



Permanent Makeup

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